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Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi is a comprehensive guide to writing web sites. Whether you're a beginner or a design professional, you'll find what you need here; quickly and clearly. Our unique system of examples makes Jalfrezi both the perfect learning tool and superlative web authoring reference.

For a more precise overview of Jalfrezi and a little bit of background info, go to Why? Who? What?

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Finding What You Need

Navigation. That's what we're most proud of at Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi. Thanks to our logical layout, concept based index and subtle use of frames, we reckon you can find precisely what you're looking for within 3 clicks of the mouse. Failing that we'll always try to reply to any questions you may have.

Use the control buttons on the left (frame users only) or the Index to find the information you require - the A-Z pad will take you straight to the HTML tag of interest. Feel free also to simply browse around. The Contents on the next page shows a few of the extra surprises Jalfrezi has in store including a bookshop with reviews, free software and details of how to get hold of your own copy Jalfrezi.

All links marked with external link indicate a hyperlink to another website, not under Jalfrezi's control. Clicking these links will open the destination page in a new browser window.

Many thanks to the following people and organisations

Big beers should be sent to Richard Rutter for developing Jalfrezi, Steve at Adelaide SEO  external link the Adelaide SEO specialists, Steve "Goody" Goodridge for the  cheapest australian domains external link and the people at the Internet Academy external link for their 10 years of support and getting this program going.

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